• Messaging and Go-to-Market Strategy for the Digital Age

    Discovering the right concept and meaning to authentically express who you are to your market

  • Our Methodology

    Messaging Platforms - Digital and Analogue

    Messaging communicates the big picture problem you solve, the pain you address, the needs of customers, your competitive advantage, and your value proposition. Brand Messaging- discovering the right concept and meaning to authentically express who you are to your market - becomes the core of your positioning and go-to-market strategy.

    Taking the time upfront to craft a compelling set of brand, company, and product messages pay big dividends for SMEs. It gets you noticed faster, speeds up customer engagement, and provides the comfort and trust customers need to complete their trust in you.

    The right brand and product messaging drives written and visual communication (copy and design), creating an emotional connection with your audience and drives creative marketing campaigns

    Developing your narrative, Telling Your Story

    When a comprehensive messaging platform is given to writers and designers, they generate great copy, infographics, and designs that are aligned to your strategy, your brand, your technology products, and your culture. With great messaging, you succinctly communicate your value proposition, with only adjustments and not entire strategic pivots required as you go to market and measure your results.

    The power and influence of your marketing grows exponentially when your entire team speaks the same language with a common voice. Your website, collateral, newsletters, advertising, event graphics, and presentations do likewise.

    Go-to-Market Planning

    Each marketing program you run has a specific objective: Generate leads, engage with the market, or close deals. Your story needs to address the needs of the buying team as well; the Believer (champion), Buyer (focussed on ROI), and Builders (the people that will actually use your technology products on a daily basis). Address the needs of each and you will have a sustainable sales process.

    Sausalito Marketing Advisors has the best creative talent available on the market, making us the best possible agency to build your brand and build your business.



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