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  • How we engage

    One thing is clear in these unpredictable times; for organizations to thrive in the Covid-19 world, most will need to up their digital strategy and digital experience game. Not just a better e-commerce website. Not just a streaming service. Not just digital marketing. Not just Zoom backgrounds. Not just remote work. In order to thrive in the Covid world, even when the pandemic is behind us, companies of all sizes will require a comprehensive digital strategy.

    Scientific approach

    We believe in a scientific approach to digital strategy, where gut-feel and HIPPOs (highest paid person’s opinions) are replaced with carefully planned experimentation to test a specific hypothesis and collect customer insights that inform decisions. The result is determining whether you are in clear and present danger of disruption, or can take a carefully staged approach to digital transformation. We then identify and market-test products, experiences, and value propositions that fit into the different sectors of the Digital Strategy hexagon.

    How we engage

    • Host a free 1-hour video conference to discuss our digital strategy model and your requirements 
    • Host a 3-4-hour online workshop to unpack our Digital Strategy Framework (on left) in your context
    • Provide recommendations for new products, experiences, and technologies
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