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What is digital disruption, really?

I hear it from startups from Silicon Valley to Sydney and in conferences around the world - disruption is everywhere, and disruption is our business! Entire cottage industries have cropped up around disruption! Startups, consulting firms, even motivational speakers. It’s everywhere!

@Deloitte Consulting provides us with, Discover the nine patterns of disruption


Our friends at @Accenture will provide us with Predictable Disruption! (Actually, this paper is pretty good…)

And @Bain will explain to us using a pretty cool multimedia infographic how Digital disruption will impact our industry.

I’ve been to three digital disruption events in four weeks (with many overlapping speakers), and yet there still little consensus on what digital disruption really means, how we can become disruptors without spending a fortune on expensive consulting services? How can we implement a disruptive model without cannibalizing our current revenue streams? And how we can model this new digital disruption to convince our boards to invest in the innovation required to achieve an impossible-to-know ROI?

With all the whitepapers, webinars, Fortune Magazine articles, Ted Talks, and YouTube videos, there was one single meme that came across my WhatsApp that distilled everything.

It’s not about the technology, it’s about the customer centricity. It’s about cutting the price of a service by more than half. It's about solving big problems experienced by large amounts of people.


It’s about an InsureTech startup that enables you to get a quote and a policy, and process claims right from an app without having to fill out forms, scan and copy, or speak to a call center agent.


It’s about an Uber for emergency response, so the closest vehicle to your location, in your home or when you are out and about, gets to you as fast as possible, possibly saving lives and property.


It’s about a digital platform that speeds up digital transformation by more than 10X while drastically reducing the costs and complexity, making digitization accessible by any organization.


We at Sausalito Tech are blessed by working with these companies and many more. Digital disruption is about solving big problems and making it simple. It isn’t tied to Silicon Valley or anywhere else because big problems are universal and are often best addressed locally.


Find a pain that is suffered by many, and find a solution that is easy and cheap. The bigger the pain and the more people that suffer from that pain, the bigger the market for a solution. That’s literally all it takes to build a great disruption company.

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