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The new world order, surviving, and thriving

Periods of turbulence provide both large risks and large opportunities, so after you make sure that you and your people are safe from the risk of ruin, look for the opportunities. It is because at such times most people pay the most attention to the risks than the opportunities that at such times opportunities are greatest.
Ray Dalio

We have been receiving more and more calls from B-B companies and startups to help them with their growth strategy. This is a bit of a surprise to me in this new world of Coronavirus. There are always winners and losers in any crisis. Indeed, oil prices have tanked by 30% and cryptocurrency by 25% over the weekend. Some airlines have lost 50% of their value, and hotels are down around 30%. As I write this, the New York Stock Exchange has suspended trading.
Now, who are winners, aside from manufacturers of toilet paper and surgical masks? Think about it; more people working from home, cooking for themselves, buying more groceries and other goods online, and are consuming more digital entertainment.
Zoom Technologies, the video conferencing technology startup that listed last year, shares are up 650%. Amazon, which also owns Whole Foods, went on a run in February and remains higher since early January, as has Costco. Clorox, the bleach maker, is up about 20%. Importantly, Manchester United stock is well up since mid-November ;-)
How has the New World changed your business model? Have you thought about what pivots you can make? How you change your marketing or business development processes? We certainly have.
Back to the beginning of this story, our customers aren’t asking for a marketing or sales strategy. They are asking for a revenue strategy. It’s not just the messaging or product positioning or a new website. It’s everything. What target markets should we be looking at for growth? Should we be looking at our global strategy? Does our product or product positioning need a pivot? How are we generating leads in those markets? What else can we do to drive up revenue and margins?
You can see more about our approach here
My friends, this is the challenge for all of us. How do we thrive in this environment? As Mr. Dalio says, once you ensure that you and your people are safe from ruin, look for the opportunities!

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