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Lockdown Reflections, SME opportunities, and our relaunch

Just because it isn’t raining doesn’t mean you are a bad farmer

Just because it isn’t raining doesn’t mean you are a bad farmer– Unknown

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a webcast on Re-Imagining and Re-Positioning your business in this time of great change. I spoke about sometimes in life in business, even if you do everything right, everything can go wrong. Even the most conservative risk manager is vulnerable to the unknown.


Think about a scenario where you have a healthy, cash-rich, efficiently operated business with loads of customers that love you. Then poof – Gone! As a result of something nobody saw coming. (Except Bill Gates. And Barack Obama. And George Bush. But that’s beside the point.) Imagine being in the restaurant, sports, or hotel industries, or having a business that supplies them.


Many of us have a different problem – we were trying to do too many different things. This is particularly tempting for creative people. But as Warren Buffet said during the last financial crisis, when the tide goes out, everybody knows who's swimming naked. Many of us were caught with our pants down no matter how healthy we thought we were way back in February.




For me, the lockdown was a time for reflection, listening, and learning. I have been attending 3-4 learning webcasts per day and delivered a few too. I’ve been reading more than I have in many years. I’ve been talking with customers, friends, mentors, academics, and teammates. We are all trying to figure it out.

The snow falls, each snowflake in its appropriate place – Zen

This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for startups and SMEs to take on corporates, many of whom are bogged down with high overheads, commercial property, debt, legacy systems, and outdated business models.


New Beginnings at Sausalito

We are following our own advice and re-imagining and re-positioning to create an all-new model – better than an agency and better than an in-house marketing team.


To that end, today we are relaunching our new website. SMEs – startups, small and mid-sized businesses - can get more leads and sales at a lower cost using SA's best specialist talent by outsourcing your marketing to us. These partners are offering us great prices, so effectively, we can get you the best marketing agency talent for freelancer prices. Most importantly, they are nice people to work with. (We like to think we are too...)


As they say, never let a good crisis go to waste. If you are a startup, or a small or mid-sized company, this may be a golden opportunity to really thrive.

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