• What we do

    The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, yet many businesses and industries are being left behind. They either haven’t moved with the times or feel they don’t have the resources or expertise to enter the digital age and formulate a compelling digital strategy.


    Our Digital Strategy practice is intended to help management teams build a long-term digital transformation roadmap, starting with critical priorities. We then help develop digital products, experiences, and value propositions. This isn't a technology exercise under the purview of the CTO; marketing, customer experience, sales, product, manufacturing, finance, operations, and HR all have to be involved.

    Why 'Sausalito'

    Sausalito, California is one of the many places I’ve called home over the years. Saussy, as we call it, is situated just north of the Golden Gate Bridge adjacent to San Francisco. While SF may be the world’s largest tech center, Sausalito remains a creative hub for artists, musicians, writers, actors, and yes, hippies.


    Sausalito and surrounds were, or are, the home of Robin Williams, Jerry Garcia, George Lucas, Carlos Santana, Shel Silverstein, Tupac Shakur, Bob Weir, Otis Redding, Huey Lewis, Sammy Hagar, and cult literary bohemians such as Rick Seymour and Evan S. Connell.


    Although it is close to the technology world, Sausalito is primarily distinct in its creativity and underground bohemian lifestyle. And that is what attracts me to it.


    Art, music, and poetry make us humans human. It’s the bond that holds us together in this world that seems to be changing faster than we would like.


    Creativity is what we are all about - the ideas, the imagination, the ingenuity, the originality, the inventiveness. And that’s why we are Sausalito Marketing Advisors.

  • Leadership Team

    Greg Serandos, CEO: Strategist

    Greg is a management consultant specializing in digital strategy, customer experience, and marketing. Hailing from California, he made his way to Japan for five fun-filled years in the advertising business, servicing mostly big financial institutions but also the Nagano Olympic Games and FMCG companies. His side hustle was writing the Yamaha newsletter at the MotoGP in Suzuka every year.


    Upon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, he joined telecommunications giant SBC Communications, now AT&T, during which he was seconded to investment Telkom South Africa to build the channel development organization. This assignment took him to every nook and cranny of the country and around Africa. His five years in big telco were surprisingly entrepreneurial – they let him build things, transfer knowledge, support small businesses, and be creative.


    He has spent the years since between Johannesburg and California consulting, building businesses, and earning his MBA from GIBS. Greg has served clients in banking, insurance, media, automotive, telecommunications, technology, retail, and the public sector.

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